Mannnn Yall I am ten levels of tired of coming to my internship every week. I am thankful to have this internship. Qasid was very kind to help me find one. However, I am just not loving it. Its an internship with a small civil engineering consulting company. I am doing research on the potentials of PV desalination to provide water for semiarid to arid regions. I am using Jordan as a case study. 
As much as I like this topic, I just do not enjoy making my way here by 8 or 9am on a Saturday.  I spend more time rushing here than I do even being here as I do my research at home then just spend 10 - 20 minutes talking about it once a week. I was hoping to be able to find an internship in a company or business where I could also use arabic. This didn't happen. I am still thankful for the internship though. 

The building is also located in a less than prime location. Its at a dead end in a narrow ally so no taxis will take you fully there. I walk down the super steep hill which is fine. However, the dread of walking back up the hill always sets in about half way through. There is an alternative way to get back to the main road. Its this tine little stair way that's on a super high hill. I tried to do it last week but I got nervous and turned back around. I was not trying to die. I will take the hill up any day over the steep practically mountains side stairs. I have seen a few people take that path so props to them.  

Otherwise, the internship is very good. The professor is very nice and hospitable. I would recommend it, but it just isn't what I was looking for. Maybe I will switch to a new place that better suits my goals. It is nice to be able to do some kind of STEM work while here though and not just arabic. studying solely arabic for so long and so intensively can get monotonous. I would recommend getting an internship or work or volunteer position while in Amman. It can help you integrate into society a bit more while on your study abroad. Especially if the study abroad is for a long period of time.

Here is a clip of some sheep I saw on my way home from my internship. Its in the small field right next to the building. The sheep are not normally here. The owner was taking them out to graze. I stood and watch them for awhile. This sight combined with the view from the top of the hill has been the highlight to my internship. I know I am probably too fascinated by this. It is what it is.

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