You will spend half of your life waiting for taxis in Amman. Okay, not really, but you do spend a
Getting a taxi at
 sports city circle
 decent amount of time waiving down taxis. I actually don't think the waiting is that bad, but many people get bothered by it. I'm assuming these people don't normally take taxis and probably have a car back in their country. I personally prefer taking taxis than driving, but its not normally an economical or time efficient choice. 

In Amman, taxis aren't that expensive and they are a widespread form of transportation. Taking a bus is also a common choice. You may consider this to save money on your more routine trips like going to class because it does add up. Shared Taxis (the white ones) are also very good options. Using designated shared taxis will save you money and also help you learn your way around a bit more, this is true for the bus too.

catching a taxi
 after class
In my experience, the vast majority of taxi drivers are honest and not trying to rip you off. This week I witnessed a western lady that didn't speak arabic behave very aggressively, condescendingly, and just plain mean to a taxi driver just because she thought the driver was ripping her off. However, it was just that she didn't speak arabic well and she misunderstood. An example of arrogance and ignorance not mixing well. In the end, she and her friend walked away thinking he was a thief and creating more stereotypes. It was a disgusting scene to watch her behave so belligerent like that especially to a man who did not deserve it at all. Im not saying that all taxi drivers are perfect. Don't be naive, some drivers will definitely try to get one over on you. This does not justify treating all taxi drivers as criminals and being so mistrustful and suspicious. If you're unsure, its better to give your driver the benefit of the doubt. They're all humans.

Its not rare for a taxi driver to refuse to take you. This can be such an annoying thing. There are certain reasons why they do not want to take you. 99% of the time its because of traffic and the ride isn't worth their time. And sometimes they just don't want to go to that side of town. The only reason this is so annoying is because you can end up waiting forever. Eventually you will learn the rhythm of  catching a taxi efficiently during busy times.

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