Landlord made
Mensaf for us
This is my favorite post. I love food in Jordan. OH MY YESS. After a terrible food experience in Meknes, I was excited to find out that I would be returning to Jordan. If you ever talk about going to Jordan or when you first arrive to Jordan people will ask you if you've tried Mensaf. Mensaf is essentially the national meal. Many of my foreign friends don't like mensaf. I am not from them. I love mensaf. Yet, its not my go to food. If you don't like Mensaf, don't worry there's plenty of other options here. 

Grape Leaves w/ Koosa

Side note: If youre a vegetarian its very possible to keep a vegetarian diet. It may be hard to explain what a vegetarian is at first to  host family or at restaurants. You cant just say nabatee as you probably learned in class because most waiters will take it to mean that you just really love vegetables and are some type of vegetable enthusiast. It doesn't communicate to them that you wont eat meat or meat products. Being a vegan will limit your food options and be even more difficult to explain with limited arabic vocabulary, but still its possible. If you don't cook you may end up eating a lot of falafel and hummus for lunch. Okay that's an exaggeration, you will be able to do better than that.

So many good options here: Mensaf, Magloobah, koosa, grape leaves, fettet dejaj, fattet makdous, kibbeh, hummus, falafel, sambusa, oozie, shawarma, shish tawoog, just to name a few. Theres so many more options but I'm getting hungry so this is enough. For as many meals there are there are an equal number of deserts, however Im just going to drop a shameless knafeh plug right now 
because I love knafeh. The balad is a popular place to go to get knafah. I usually go there to meet my friends. My favorite knafeh is either from habiba or nafeesah. My favorite restaurant for a proper meal is Quds and sometimes Jaffra. 

If Arabic food isn't your thing or if you are simply craving some other kind of food there are plenty of options. Amman has many types of restaurants. you can get Chinese, Indian, Armenian, American, Italian, and other types of food. 

In webdeh
If you ever need to get food delivered then the app Talabat is very useful. It can save you a taxi ride and the delivery fees are not too expensive. You can get a range of foods delivered to you, even coffee or deserts. 

If you order delivery you need to be prepared to give a few directions to the delivery driver in Arabic. Some drivers will already know your street or just use google to get to you. One guy added me on whatsapp and asked me to send him my location. that works as a last resort if you cant seem to communicate the directions clearly. 

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