Snow days

People in the united states tend to assume that the weather in Jordan doesn't get cold because of its location. Can you imagine their surprise when I tell them that its snowing? Yes, the snow is minimal, and no it doesnt last long at all. We have had four "snow days" so far at Qasid. Its nice getting time off from class, but its not nice having to make up the days on the weekend. This is Qasid's policy.
Neighbor playing in the snow
with his grandkid

Watching it snow here is kind of like when it snows in the southern
 states of the US and people who live in snowy areas like me think they're being so over dramatic. Honestly, people rush to the grocery store to stock up on groceries and if you think "oh no big deal I will just go out in the snow." then prepared to have limited grocery options. as delivery of fresh foods and animal products slows. Enjoy the cereal. Freaking out over the snow seems more justifiable in Amman because the hills are so severe. On the last snow day we watched this person try so hard to drive their car up the hill. It kept sliding down. They weren't the only one having this issue so we had some entertainment while we were snowed in. When I was watching the cars play slip and slide out the window I also saw my neighbor playing in the snow with his grandson. This was so cute.

Snow on my street

Since we were snowed in this week my roommates decided to invite Qasid people over. We hadn't stocked up on food and many of the stores were closed. We decided to wonder out to the main street to find a taxi. No taxis were coming. When we noticed Hamada was open up the street it seemed like an obvious choice. 

I was not thrilled to be outside. I especially was not looking forward to walking back home because I hate climbing the hill up to my house, especially in the snow. Nonetheless, I followed the
Trekking to Hamada 
through the snow
 group to Hamadas because I didn't want to seem rude. When we got to Hamadas we saw all the guys that work there had been watching us from the window. They cheered so much when we made it inside. They said we were their only customers. They were just as happy to see us as we were them. Hamada is right across the street from the school so we frequent the place a bit. However, the snow day falafel tasted better than ever.

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