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I think in the short time that I have been in Amman I have gone to a mall more times than I have in my entire life. I'm not sure why I come to the mall so much. 99% of the time I am just going along with friends. There are many malls here in Amman. Some are bigger and nicer than others. Even the small malls have some treasures in them though. For example, it took me forever to discover this halal Chinese place in Majdi Mall. The food is so delicious and amazingly priced. I just discovered it when I went with my friends this week. 

First, I didn't even know Majdi mall existed. Second, I definitely didn't know such an authentic and amazing Chinese food place existed. All of the food is amazing, and its great for satisfying cravings. The family that owns the place is also very kind so that's an added bonus. Although I have driven past Majdi mall plenty of times it just never stood out to me I guess. There's a Carrefour in Majdi mall too so that's always useful.

Mukhtar the first time 
I was here
Mukkhtar mall is another mall that's somewhat on the smaller side. I go to Mukhtar mall more than any other mall because it's right next door to Qasid. I like to go to the Carrefour there or to Haboob to get groceries after class. Sometimes I go to the suq but usually not after class. Mukhtar also has a food court on its top floor. Most students go there to get lunch between or after classes. I got my first sim card at Mukhtar. Just an FYI, if youre trying to get your phone hooked up for the firs time you will need to bring your passport. The phone guy was so nice and helpful. Honestly, Mukhtar mall's main (only?) attraction is the convenience.

Mukhtar post renovations
The malls that I frequent the most here are for sure TAJ Mall, Mecca mall, and sometimes City mall. Galleria mall is also popular, but I don't go there that much. Inside city mall there is a large carrefour for your grocery needs plus an abundant number of clothing stores. Taj Mall has a Cozmo for grocery needs. Cozmo is a good place to find hard to find grocery items. Maybe specialty items that you need imported. This is true for Miles in Mecca mall too. Taj mall has a food court and many non-fast food restaurants. Taj has game areas such as Magic planet arcade for children and a daycare called Eco tots. Theres a cinema inside so if you want to catch a movie while your friends or family shop you can do that too. 

Mecca and City mall have many similar things to Taj but I think Taj is the fanciest followed by Mecca mall. Taj, City, and Mecca mall are all good to do your banking in too, especially if you dont have a card that can just use any ATM. Malls are also good places to go to pay for your wifi or phone service. Most of the malls have websites so if you are looking for a specific place or store you could just check out the website.

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