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Can I just vent to you my frustrations in finding any oil or hair braiding places in Amman. Honestly, I know there are black people in this city, but what I don't know is where in the world do they get their hair braided? I am not the only person having this issue as I have seen expats posting about it before on facebook. 

I know some african people that live here and all they could suggest was doing it myself or having friends do it. In the end I decided I would do it myself. I don't have an issue with that. What I did have an issue with is that I couldn't find any hair for extensions. These were my struggles the first time coming to Amman. This explains my constant twists and fro during my fist visit. 

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After this experience, I decided to bring some hair with me this time. I am so glad I did this. I have been braiding my hair myself. Since I knew I would only be here for sixth months it was easy to bring the right amount of hair. I would def recommend doing this for anyone that wants. I just braided my hair before I came then brought some extra hair. It doesn't take up too much extra room in the suit case or weight. Plus even if you somehow are able to find the supplies you need in Amman it will probably be way cheaper just to bring it with you. 

Another option would be to do yarn braids. Yarn can be easily found in Amman. This would save you the hassle of packing any hair as Im sure you would rather save the suitcase space. If you dont know how to braid your own hair try making a post on facebook expats group. there may be people looking to make some extra money. this is probably the best option. 

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 bc I dont have salon pics
Hair braiding salons may not be abundant in Amman, but the regular salons are everywhere. If you have hair that these kinds of salons work with then you will be fine. Hair cuts are often cheaper than in the US (this is hearsay, I don't go to these kinds of salons). What I do know though is that eyebrow threading here is a yasssss okay so much cheaper than in the US and actually they do a way better job on average. 

I've gone to multiple salons (although now I just go to my fav one in webdeh because I 
know the ladies there). I haven't had one bad eyebrow job done here and I haven't paid more than $4 for it either. Plus my eyebrows can already be difficult to deal with because there's just a lot going on, so I definitely give them props for that. I feel like in the US where I live I have to be picky about who I let do them. Most places are still waxing, not threading. I only do threading. Plus, I feel like not every threader does well, so I have to be picky. In Amman I felt like it was less risky and they are much more likely to do well. I didn't hesitate to walk into any salon and get them threaded. 

Getting my eyebrows done also gives me the chance to speak some arabic. I actually learned how to say eyebrows just to get them done. I think I prefer it here in Amman - having inexpensive eyebrow threading but no hair braiding salons than vice versa. I normally braid my hair myself in the US anyway because its more convenient. 

The other thing that maybe some people will think stands out is that most/all salons here are women only. This makes sense for the society. It never seemed strange to me because I pretty much have never/rarely ever seen men in salons because they go to barber shops and women go to salons mainly where I live. However, I guess some people more than others found it noticeable in Amman. This set up makes sense because many different women are getting their hair done. It would not be appreciated by some of them if men were running in and out of the salon. So if you're going to get your hair done just make it a girls trip and leave your guy friends at home for this one.

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