Qasid Arabic Institute

I started studying Arabic in the Fall of 2013 as a freshman at Michigan State University. In the Fall of 2015, I studied abroad for the first time. One of my Arabic professors at MSU encouraged me to go to a place named Qasid. At first I was planning to study for 6 months, but then it turned into 9 months abroad.  Upon returning home I missed Qasid and Jordan. So when it came time for me to study Arabic again in 2017, I knew I wanted to return to Qasid.

Qasid is located in Sport's City in Amman. It is in a pretty convenient location. Many students like to go next door to Mukhtar mall, Qasr al Mandi, or Haboob to grab a quick lunch or dinner. The Hamada across the street is also a popular choice. Qasid's teaching methods are great, and the overall environment of the school is enjoyable. The teachers and administration play an important role in making students feel welcome and well connected at Qasid. Additionally, they have improved their efforts to provide students with opportunities to take excursions to explore the rest of Jordan. 

Celebrating the end of 
the semester at Jafra
Qasid helps students get connected with the community by giving them some cultural tips and connecting them to events, internships, and volunteer opportunities. Qasid organizes events within the school for students.They organize debates, jeopardy-like 
quizzes, and other game type competitions. These allow the students to practice the language and get to know other students and staff. 

Entrance into Qasid
Generally, the class sizes are small in Qasid. This is great for learning and for getting to know your classmates and teacher. The furniture in the classrooms are also set up a nice way to foster conversation and keep people engaged. I studied at two other schools in Amman, and I found this one to be my favorite. Qasid offers a variety of courses such as Modern Standard Arabic, Classical, Dialect, Calligraphy, Tajwid, and more. 

The classes go from beginner to advanced and beyond. Additionally, classes can be tailed for a specific group of people or a person looking for their own program. Usually, Qasid uses their own books or authentic materials for teaching. This is a good alternative for people looking to get away from the Al-kitaab series.

Anyway, when studying abroad choosing the right institute can be difficult. However, hopefully this post can benefit someone. Amman is a great place to study Arabic, and Qasid is too. 



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