Ahlan wa sahlan!
Somewhere in 
Welcome to my blog! 

Disclaimer: I'm not a pro at this by any means. I don't want you to think I have a clue at what I am doing. 

A few post-disclaimer thoughts:

1) I figured this will at least be an easy way for me to maintain contact with family members while abroad. --- It offers a nice alternative to phone calls and Facebook.  

It requires little technical skills on your end, so for the family members struggling to figure out Skype and Facetime this should be good for you. 

2) I hope others will enjoy reading too.

Maybe you will decide to visit these places if you can.

I will probably use it as a way to practice Arabic too. I will have translations for those posts. This realistically wont happen. We'll see. 

I had the idea of starting a blog before going to Jordan for the first time and never followed through. Hopefully, this blog wont have the same fate. 



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